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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A tale of two weight loss.....Jacquel's Story

Amira and I both started to get serious about dropping weight for our own unique reasons in June and we just wanted to keep you updated with our progress and how we are doing and most importantly who won the BET!

Starting weight: 243 lbs Size:18-20
Current weight: 233.6 lbs Size: 16-18

So I started my weight loss journey on June 1st,  26 days shy of my 31st birthday, I wanted to make this change for a few reasons: 1st was  because while Amira talked about the amazefest time we had at the Roots festival, what she didn't tell you was how bad I was limping after it. I'd admit while my shoes didn't have the great support, and I put inserts in them to help out and add for comfort, or so I thought, my feet has never hurt that bad in my life!!!! I began to worry if I had the beginnings of plantar fasciitis, as I had some the risk factors for it (overweight and flat feet). I felt since this was the only health related I've experienced based on my weight (Nope lets clear this up for the negative nancies and debbie downers, not all big people are walking health bombs,I do not have diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol), but  I needed to see if I could do something to prevent it from getting worse, so I decided to start losing weight.
My 2nd reason  is while my weight has always been a struggle for me, I've always had curves. No matter what size I was my curves stayed put and shined through my clothing. Since I hit my heaviest, which I was at now btw, I was more Stay Puff Marsh mellow man (you know the one from Ghostbusters)and less Gabifresh, (not that I'm hating on anyone who is that round, as long as you feel your baddest, I say ROCK OUT). I for the 1st time in my life HATED shopping and multiple pairs of pants laughed at me everytime I tried to put them on. I had to get it together!!!
How I did it: 
I began to search for recipes on Pintrest that was low calorie, high protein, and low carbs, but most importantly the meals had to be tasty, I love food! I earned this weight honestly, lol. I absolutely can not eat salad day in and day out! So I meal prepped on Sundays evenings for about 3 hours, I would make two food options for both lunch and dinner so that I wouldn't get bored and if I had time I made a wild card meal to switch it up. What can I say? I get bored easily. I had Salmon, Tilapia,turkey-roni cauliflower casserole and even made stuffed pepper philly cheesesteaks. Instead of rice I used couscous and quinoa as a side to most proteins and mixed in seasoned Bush's black beans for an extra kick.

For breakfast, I usually had green smoothies with yogurt, spinach, and a variety of fruits. or a boiled egg and fruit, in a rush I had boxed oatmeal from Trader Joes or Quaker stashed in my desk, and some days I wanted to feel froggy I had baked hasbrowns, eggs, and turkey sausage. Must try recipe "Apple pie green smoothie" from Pintrest. I completely cut out  junk food ( replaced my chip addiction with variety of popcorn flavors) and dropped candy 95% out of my diet (ok, ok, ok  I had one incident with a roll of Rolos, but otherwise I behaved myself and I am a self identified candy-aholic) and juice out of my diet and replaced it with fruit infused water, please see the B.L.I.S.S. Girl life Facebook page for some suggestions, I replaced my morning orange juice for a fresh orange. I gave up my stress relieving glass of wine at night, but didn't go completely cold turkey and allowed myself to drank alcohol on weekends in small quantities. 

I also began to work out at least 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes per workout. Two days a week, I did a mixture of cardio lasting at least 30 minutes and then did 4-5 strength training exercises with weights and then did a 3 ab focused exercises, I also went on YouTube set up a workout playlist so on days, I couldn't make it to the gym or had a short workout window (check out @keairalashae on @SuperherofitnessTV she has really fun dance videos that make you work up a sweat), I worked out at 5:15 am (and I am not a morning person) and did exercise videos. I also discovered a love of  Pilates. I've also incorporated swimming at least once a week. 

What people don't tell you:
Everyone is so quick to tell you their story or their journey, but no one ever mentions how hard it is! Rearranging your schedule, trying to fit fitness in when you work everyday and have a social life (imagine if I had kids!), and making sure you eat healthy is no joke.Coupled with the fact that I'm an emotional eater and that has been the hardest challenge to overcome! After a long day, sometimes I just want a burger! I constantly have to pep talk myself on my drive home past Chick-Fil-a, Sonic, Burger King, Wendy's and McDonald's (yes all in a 3 miles radius!). Most people sugar coat the not so good feelings you have when you're working out, such as when you've been working so hard and the scale jumps back up 5 lbs, OMG I felt so defeated! Or how even though you feel great and swear those pants that couldn't fit, will fit, doesn't button (but is on it's way too) no matter what it still bruises your ego. I'm here to say keep going because I know I am.

My advice:
Groups are AWESOME, it doesn't have to be formal like weight watchers, but get a group together on groupme. Hold each other accountable, on days you don't feel like going let them egg you on, and make work out dates with your friends, and maybe they'll show you a new move or two or even share a new recipe that you haven't thought off.

Do this for you! Not anyone else, not to please your family or your friends, because weight loss after 30.....yeah..... You have to have a purpose.


So there you have it and the winner of the BET......drum roll please....
Although the outfit fit me, I didn't like the fit at all..... So we are going to let keep it and see if it looks a little better as I continue on my weight loss journey, I still want to loose another 18 lbs by the end of the summer and my goal size is between a size 12-14. 

 Check out my newly found face chisel and oh my I'm beginning to see



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