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Friday, March 25, 2016

I got trust open letter to plus size bloggers

So I know this letter  comes as a surprise,as we have had two major accomplishments for the plus size community ,in terms of beauty and body acceptance in major mainstream media, Ashley Graham's breaking the mold and being the first plus size woman to grace the coveted Swimsuit issue of Sport Illustrated and the ultra sexy Ebony cover featuring a slew of sexy plus size women rocking music, social media, broadway and television:

But  I have trust issues within our community and its with many of the plus size bloggers. Why you ask, because so many of them are living a big fat, pun intented, lie. Before you clutch your invisible pearls, hear me out,  lately I've been noticing that many of of my favorite plus size bloggers one by one are starting to get some sort of weight loss surgery. So I ask myself, should I continue to ride with you as an avid follower and continue to drink your former plus size positivity. Swallow my plus size pride and now back your "healthy living campaign" since you betrayed my trust, changed your mind and  decided after several years of your self love campaign you truly didn't love yourself as you were. You walk around with the tee shirts and rock with the hashtag "unbothered belly and all" and all the while you were bothered and that's how we landed here. 
So let me clarify, I am a plus size woman, I'm a blogger, but I don't classify myself as a plus size bloggers because that's not our platform is for and while I do love myself in my current skin, I do want to lose weight. So I'm not going to wear the crown and carry the staff of a community when I know if I can get it together and drop back down to a size 10, I'm jumping ship.

But you, I looked to you all and trusted you for advice on where to shop, for motivation to be my authentic fashion forward self because you were,  I leaned on your for confidence when I wanted to be fly, I would go to your various blog pages and instagrams and say if XYZ can rock this, I can rock it too! But now that's all over because while I looked to you and helped funnel your success, you were shopping for a way out since the community you created, wasn't the life you wanted to be apart of anymore.
Now don't get me wrong, I advocate working out, eating right, and changing your life especially if you are living with comorbidities especially such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. But you don't need to drop to a size 8 to bed healthy because skinny does not equal healthy and I'm sorry not one of you mentioned that you had a life altering illness you had to get in control. It was more for superficial reasons like your hatred of spanxs, fyi, everyone hates spanx they are made with the devil's locks. Now I as I scroll through your page you're less one of me and one of them and I don't know how I feel about that.
So I ask of you, those who are remaining in our group, before you call yourself one of the captains, make sure your are really on this plus size advocacy thing or are you really eying the safety rafts from the corner of your eyes.

Toodles Darlings,