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Monday, September 28, 2015

Makeup Monday's.....Fall Foliage

Welcome to the B.L.I.S.S. Girl Life's newest weekly feature: Makeup Mondays! Where we either create a makeup look using (mostly) budget friendly products or feature makeup looks we love.
For our first makeup look is inspired by the recent transition to the fall, so we decided to call it fall foliage.

Here are the products I used for this look:
Primer: Hard Candy r Long Wear
Foundation: True Match Lumi in C6 soft sable
Highlighter: LA girl concealer in Pure Beige
Ben Nye Banana Powder
NYX Illuminator  in Ritualistic 
BH Cosmetics 6 Color Concealer & Corrector in Dark
(pink tone for color correction & dark brown for contour)

Cheeks: Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush Warm Blush

Lips: Black Opal Color Splurge in Violine

Primer: Jane Cosmetics eye shadow primer
Crease: Crown Brush Shimmer palette (no longer sold) red color
Under brow: W7 Lightly toasted Cracker, 
Lids: Color tattoo eye studio in fierce and tangy
BH Cosmetics 120 color palette 1st edition (yellow sparkle color)
W7 Lightly toasted Di Di
Under eye color: W7 Lightly toasted in twisted and Di Di
Mascara: Maybelline The falsies push up drama

Hope you enjoyed this look! Add your comments below!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My PCOS journey

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As we come to the end of September and at the end of  Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, I would like to talk about my own ovarian health issue, on that is also a risk factor for Ovarian Cancer. One that has been give very little attention, but affects millions of women in America and across the world. That is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly referred to as PCOS.  is a syndrome that can encompasses a variety of medical conditions , but is usually hallmarked by frequent irregular or complete lack of periods, hormonal imbalances,  and small cyst fluid filled cyst in your ovaries, detected only by ultrasound. Many women don't realize they have the condition until they're ready to attempt conception or a very astute doctor puts the pieces of the puzzle together. 
For me my story began at 15 years old, when my mom realized that I had stopped asking her to buy pads or coming into her room to take my usual pack. I believe it had been approximately 3 months, and being a heavy set child, although I had begun to lose weight at that point, it would've been pretty easy to conceal a pregnancy, in her eyes at least, but the monkey wrench in the story, I wasn't sexually active.
 Determined to figure out if I was knocked up or not, my mom took me to a gynecologist who hammered me with questions about my sexual status. I adamantly told him I was a virgin, and he continued his interrogation and asked me the same question in different ways so much, I began to question myself, lol. He even escorted my mom out and asked me alone. I don't blame him, while I was mortified then, but as an adult I realized, I was an inner city child, who had girls popping up in  school pregnant all around me. A 15 year being pregnant in Irvington would've been a pretty standard diagnosis to me too. When all was said and done and I took my pregnancy testing, It was negative. He quickly apologized and gave me a prescription for a pill to take every 3 months if I didn't menstruate and sent me on my merry way, chalking it up to a hormone imbalance.

Through my late teens and  early twenties, I masked my lack of a period,  with birth control, as I desperately wanted to finish nursing school without any instances of baby. I gained weight uncontrollably ,40 lbs to be exact, and began to sprout facial hair on my chin , similar to a beard, but again no one investigated anything. I even remember a conversation with one gynecologist about my massive unexplained weight gain, despite working out 3 days a week and eating better, while discussing my lack of a period, she wanted me to start on birth control. I didn't want to return to birth control because it made me gain weight, she simply looked at me and stated, "You ever think it is the food you put in your mouth?" I could've kicked her right then and there as she was investigating my neither regions, but ultimately I was embarrassed. It took a well meaning slightly hyperactive doctor who's alarms went off when she asked me the usual questions about my period, she was the only who kept prying and wanted to find an answer. She wanted to do lab studies, she order the ultrasound and a few weeks later, I was armed with a diagnosis and my shinny new prescription for Metformin.
Fast forward, now 6 years later, she moved, I moved and my PCOS for the most part has been poorly managed. I've gained a lot of weight from bad eating, lack of exercise, and lack of management of my condition. I've skipped many doses of metformin simply because it doesn't really work that great. Also the stigma of being on metformin drives me nuts. You know how many times that I've to explain to ignorant doctors, nurses, and techs, that naturally assume because I'm overweight and on metformin, that it is okay to jump right into a discussion about my diabetes. Then having to explain why I do none of the things that you are asking me about because I'm actually not a diabetic and if you read the 5 page form of medical history or looked at your computers for reason I wrote down for metformin prescription, it clearly says PCOS. Ok ok woooosahhhhh.

I've decided now to take a more proactive stance on my PCOS and hope those that are reading and may have the condition decide to do the same. I'm so glad to be in the era that we are in, where there is so much literature and support groups at our fingertips.

I've decided to completely overhaul my maintenance routine based on literature and studies.
Before I was on a dose of 1000 mg dose of metformin XL once daily.
I have decided to stop metformin, with my doctor's knowledge of course, and replace it with inositol (myo-inositol) 6 mg daily + 400 mcg of folic acid daily. As there are studies that suggest that the combination not only makes the parts of the syndrome that I struggle with the most: my weight, but reduces the symptom of hirsutism (Male patterned hair growth, no more beard!) and allows the participants to regain a normal menstrual cycle.

I plan on keeping you up dated on my journey and hope to check back in within a month and see how it's going.

Some great resources for PCOS suffers are:

About Inositol: All about the inosotol family.

Do you have PCOS or know someone who does? How do you manage your symptoms? Think you have it and our curious to find out more? Please leave a comment below!

Toodles Darlings!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The colorful world of concealers

So is it me, or has social media been flooded with these videos of girls covered in multi-colored concealers? I mean they start off looking like they got in a fight with a very angry box of crayons and loss and then they start to blend and walla they're beautiful and their faces are pristine. And your left sitting there like WTF.....
So I began to do some research on to the how, what, when, and wear (yes I meant that wear, after all they are wearing it!) of  what they where doing and  I wanted to share that with you.
So the color wheel, (don't you love that face in the middle) is basically composed complementary colors that are used to help conceal various skin issues that one may encounter. It is lined so that each complementary color is directly across from the other.
 The easiest way to look at it is like this: if you have a redness or red acne scars look across it and it's green. I would use the green to cancel out the red marks on your face. Most dark hues have brown hyperpigmentation and there is a blue undertones in most dark skin and the darker your skin is, the more blue hue in your complexion so what would  you use? .....yes your right, the peach or orange concealer.

The proper routine for applying you face with the new addition of your color coded concealer is primer (and some primers have color correction already built in)> the color concealer that is required for your skin issue>then foundation. If you have remaining issues or want to use the yellow to highlight now would be the time.

I suffer from hyerpigmentation as a result of my PCOS and my extreme desire to pick at my facial hair, also a result of my PCOS. As you can see I have placed pink concealer in the spots that I have the most issues with hyperpigmentation .

This is my face completely blended out with the use of a liquid foundation. Notice how even and clear my skin tone appears.

Some excellent low cost concealer palettes because they give you more bang for your buck are:
NYX Color Correction Concealer palette $11.49 Ulta
Ebay 15 Color Correcting Palette Prices starting at $2.49

I hope you enjoyed my foray into the wonderful and colorful world of concealers! What's your favorite brand? Have you tried to conceal before? Leave it all on the comments below!
Toodles Darlings,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My clear skin journey part 2

     In my previous post about skincare, the focus was mainly on taking care of yourself on the inside. Everything begins on the inside and works its way out, but we also need to care for the outside as well. It's important to make sure your skin is properly cleaned and hydrated, to ensure you achieve radiant skin. Over the last two months, I've changed my facial wash and moisturizer and I must say I'm very happy!

     The first product I've incorporated was creamed honey!


     Creamed or Manuka honey are very beneficial for the skin, and can be purchased fairly cheaply. Honey can be used to help dry and delicate skin, it's suitable for all skin types. It acts as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and hygroscopic (water retaining) agent. It helps disinfect and speed the healing process of acne, soaks up impurities and helps detoxify your skin. The antioxidant properties allow it to restore damaged and wrinkled skin. The hygroscopic properties make it an amazing moisturizer, but it will not break you out. It naturally cleans your skin and leaves it super soft. 

     With all the benefits of honey, its amazing more people aren't using it. Another thing I love about honey is that its one ingredient! I'm not a fan of products with a list of ingredients I can't pronounce, and as you all should know I like a max of five ingredients. The price of honey is also very reasonable compared to a lot of "miracle" products, and if a little gets on your mouth who cares! 


     The next product I've incorporated is jojoba oil, many people use coconut and I recommend that as well, but I'm a jojoba girl. Jojoba oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum (an oily substance naturally produced by the oil glands below the skin surface), so the benefits to skin are amazing. It is a perfect choice for those who want to use natural products for their skin, hair and face care. I have combination oily skin and  I was concerned about using an oil, but I learned my skin was oily because it was overcompensating for a lack of moisture. Using jojoba oil along with the honey, has really helped to enhance my skins natural glow. I use jojoba on my skin, lips and hair, it's also good at cleaning off makeup without drying out my skin. 

     Making simple changes like incorporating vitamins, more water, honey and jojoba oil have resulted in me feeling so much more confident about my skin. I feel comfortable going out without foundation and I am happy with my skins tone and texture. I've saved money on expensive products and dermatologists visits, and I know my body thanks me for eliminating so many toxins. If you're looking for a more natural way to cleanse and moisturize your skin then I say give these two a try. If you have tried these or have other products you like, please leave a comment!

Peace, Love and Light!