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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The colorful world of concealers

So is it me, or has social media been flooded with these videos of girls covered in multi-colored concealers? I mean they start off looking like they got in a fight with a very angry box of crayons and loss and then they start to blend and walla they're beautiful and their faces are pristine. And your left sitting there like WTF.....
So I began to do some research on to the how, what, when, and wear (yes I meant that wear, after all they are wearing it!) of  what they where doing and  I wanted to share that with you.
So the color wheel, (don't you love that face in the middle) is basically composed complementary colors that are used to help conceal various skin issues that one may encounter. It is lined so that each complementary color is directly across from the other.
 The easiest way to look at it is like this: if you have a redness or red acne scars look across it and it's green. I would use the green to cancel out the red marks on your face. Most dark hues have brown hyperpigmentation and there is a blue undertones in most dark skin and the darker your skin is, the more blue hue in your complexion so what would  you use? .....yes your right, the peach or orange concealer.

The proper routine for applying you face with the new addition of your color coded concealer is primer (and some primers have color correction already built in)> the color concealer that is required for your skin issue>then foundation. If you have remaining issues or want to use the yellow to highlight now would be the time.

I suffer from hyerpigmentation as a result of my PCOS and my extreme desire to pick at my facial hair, also a result of my PCOS. As you can see I have placed pink concealer in the spots that I have the most issues with hyperpigmentation .

This is my face completely blended out with the use of a liquid foundation. Notice how even and clear my skin tone appears.

Some excellent low cost concealer palettes because they give you more bang for your buck are:
NYX Color Correction Concealer palette $11.49 Ulta
Ebay 15 Color Correcting Palette Prices starting at $2.49

I hope you enjoyed my foray into the wonderful and colorful world of concealers! What's your favorite brand? Have you tried to conceal before? Leave it all on the comments below!
Toodles Darlings,

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