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Friday, July 10, 2015

A tale of two weight loss...Amira's story

My story for this weight loss journey originally began in April, when I traveled abroad for my birthday to Morocco. Up until then I had noticed some weight gain, but it wasn't until I saw pictures that my body was out of control. I hit my highest weight to date (I'm not as brave as Jacquel yet), and I could feel the effects on my body. My ankles were constantly swelling up, and I felt crappy, tired and lazy most of the time. I know my weight gain was making me depressed, so I tried going blonde to change my look and make me feel sexy. Changing my hair worked momentarily until I ripped a whole in the thigh of my pants at work twice! That's when I officially said enough was enough, cause I can't keep buying clothes and I got dumped so I needed to get right for my next date night.
I couldn't even suck my tummy in if I wanted

I didn't take or keep many fully body pictures of myself in morocco because I felt so self conscious. The first step I took to lose weight was dropping my birth control. My main reason in taking it was to keep my skin clear, but after doing some research I decided to use supplements (see clear skin post) to manage my skin care. I also started drinking a gallon of water a day and working out 3x's a week. By the end of May I was down 10 pounds and starting to feel better and lighter.
At this point I was slightly lighter and able to suck my belly in a little 
I was happy I was seeing results, but I wanted more results and I wanted them quickly. I can be very impatient and laser focused at times, so I went onto groupon and purchased a three day juice detox and laser lipo sessions. I completed the juice detox (see juice from the raw post), and lost 7 pounds. I really hadn't worked out much over the three days, I just followed the diet. Two weeks later I began six laser lipo sessions.

During my consult for the laser lipo, they sold me a 30 day pill detox which is supposed to support the laser treatments. They also suggest a diet and workout plan, along with putting me on a body vibration machine for ten minutes following each session. At the end of my six sessions, I had lost 6 inches and another ten pounds, but I had also been dieting and working out way more. I will say the full body vibration machine does work and I may invest in one for myself. I'm not sold on the laser lipo treatments, but I have no way to tell since my diet became more strict and I was working out more. 

As far as my diet goes, I continue to drink a lot of water daily,and I eat a mostly pescetarian diet. Since completing the juice detox, I haven't had much of a taste for beef or chicken. I've had wings twice, and a steak this past Sunday at brunch. I also had turkey a few weeks ago at dinner, but I can count the number of times Iv'e had meat on one hand. I also tried following Ramadan with a co -worker and a few friends, but I've missed a few days. I haven't decided if I'm going to make them up or just continue dieting and working out. Following Ramadan has helped to further reinforce the fact that my hunger is 90% mental. On the days that I do observe, it's not nearly as hard as I imagined it would be.

On a daily basis I try to consume as many fruits and veggies as possible, drink a lot of water and at least two cups of Oolong tea. I read that Ooolong is better at burning fat over green tea, and for maximum results it should be drunken twice daily, I've given up bread, pasta and rice for now. I will probably incorporate healthier carb alternatives moving forward, but they really stick with me when I do indulge. When I need something to quench my sweet tooth I use almond butter on a graham cracker, its been my new best friend next to eating dates.

As of July 1st, I am down 20 pounds! I can actually suck my tummy in if I need to and I feel better overall. My ankles aren't swelling like they used to, and I feel much lighter and my clothes are looser. I still have another 35 pounds to go until I hit my goal, but I feel confident I will hit it. This week I began an app called 10k trainer (free) to help get in the habit of running. Outside of costfit,oops I meant crossfit lol, running helps me shed pounds. I want to achieve a more leaner cut look, by losing and toning at the same time. I'm going to alternate between cardio and weights, along with a low carb diet, plenty of water and tea.

I will probably do another juice detox when I feel I've reached a plateau to get me over the hump. I am happy with my results thus far, and I hope to make a lifestyle change. Someone once told me " the older you  takes care of the younger you", and if this is true then I've got to take charge of my health and my life now. If you have any tips, tricks or recipes please share, because I get bored quickly and I am always looking to change things up.

Love, Peace and Light

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  1. Wow, such an inspirational story! CONGRATULATIONS!!