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Friday, July 3, 2015

BLISS Blurb: La Rouge Restaurant and Lounge (Newark, NJ)

              This past saturday I had the opportunity to dine at La Rouge restaurant and lounge located at 972 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102. A few friends and I went for a dinner with Natay Hayes ( see previous post), to celebrate her return home. I immediately assumed La Rouge would be a creole restuarant from the name, but its actually a southern, caribbean, and asian fusion restaurant.

               When you enter La Rouge you immediately walk into the bar and dance floor area. The bar is situated to your right, with a dance floor and jukebox to your left. There's also seating downstairs that can be moved or removed for a more spacious dance floor. We were seated upstairs in the lounge area. The lounge area has a loft appeal as it opens up, and allows you to view the entire first floor. There are big screen televisions and huge white couches with tables for dining upstairs. Behind the upstairs dining/ lounge area is another room for billiards.

               Outside of the nice decor of the restaurant, the food is amazing! Chef Aaron Black prepared a nice fresh salad as a starter, followed by turkey choxtails ( a healthier alternative to oxtails), with kale and a yam mash that satisfied my healthy and southern side. I ate well and didn't have to worry about the guilt from the food, or the dissatisfaction I get from some healthier options. I felt fulfilled and filled! The turkey choxtails didn't fall short of my expectations at all, and are my new go to option over regular oxtails.
(Turkey choxtails with rice and beans and kale)

              Besides the tasty menu, and great decor, La rouge also has several private and public events. They host daily happy hours with several tasty choices, they have special events with musical guests and music on the weekends. If you're looking for a healthy and tasty choice in the heart of Newark I would definitely recommend La Rouge, and tell them I sent you!

Love, Peace and Light,

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  1. This place looks really nice and the pic of your food. I gotta try.