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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Juice From The Raw. Whenever Cleanse

Last week Wednesday I decided to try a juice cleanse to jump start my weight loss and healthy lifestyle routine. I had tried a juice cleanse last year, and all I received were three gallon jugs of the same juice. I was weary of the juice cleanse, because I didn’t want the same boring juice for three days or the foggy feeling I had before. A friend of mine suggested Juice From The Raw, and informed me they had a sale on the site as well as a groupon.

After doing some research on the site, I decided to order the whenever cleanse. The whenever cleanse is recommended for first timers and includes a great variety. You get six organic, cold pressed juices to drink a day that are different! The site also recommends prepping your body by cutting out acid forming foods like, dairy, meat, sugar and alcohol. I had already changed my diet in an effort to lose weight, so I placed my order and waited for it to arrive.

The juices arrive in a cardboard box with a insulated bag inside to help keep the juices frozen and it's important to freeze them immediately. If you can’t be home for delivery, I suggest having them delivered to someone who will be home to freeze them until you can pick them up, or send them to your job. I had my juices sent to a co workers house until I could pick them up. The juices did arrive semi defrosted , but it was also 90 degrees outside the day they were delivered. 

Along with the detox I enjoyed a tomato sliced with pink Himalayan sea salt daily. Juice from the raw does allow one raw vegetable a day, along with a small amount of salt. During the detox the tomatoes were like gold for me. The tomato was enough to allow me to chew something(mentally important) and provide me with the sustenance to hold on for three days. 
Day one wasnt bad at all, I dont know if it was the excitement of starting the detox but I didn’t feel any major differences. I felt a little tired toward the end of my day, but I contribute that to my work schedule that would have left me tired regardless. I definitely felt like the juices were more than enough to drink during the day, I didn't even finish my coconut fusion the first day (my least favorite). I thoroughly enjoyed the two breakfast juices, the detox greens go down very easily and the piney apple mint was sort of like a desert. It was a treat that I looked forward to in the morning. The piney apple mint is not too sweet, but sweet enough to give you a little boost in the am. 

Day two was both good and bad, mentally I was starting to miss food and get over the excitement but I also found myself happy that I was halfway thru the cleanse. My level of energy was slightly less than normal, but I didn't feel any grogginess or crankiness. The two lunch juices were also very enjoyable. The sweet greens went down like a charm and the spicy lemonade is delicious. The spicy lemonade is so good, I’m going to try to make it at home to have as my after work treat. The spicy lemonade tasted so fresh and refreshing that I definitely looked forward to lunch. 

Day three, the struggle was REAL! I felt good physically, but mentally I wanted food. I realized how mentally dependent I was on food and I felt like I was going thru a withdrawal of sorts. I will say friday was my last and longest day, yet my energy stayed steady the whole day and I was able to keep all of my commitments. 

Overall I would recommend this juice to anyone looking to jump start their weight loss, or break through a plateau. The company offers different sets of juices for different reasons, but the whenever cleanse was definitely a great start and boost to my weight loss. 

In the three days I detoxed, I lost seven pounds and four days later I have yet to gain it back. I went to bed Friday thinking I was going to wake up Saturday and pig out, but I didn't. I had no urge to eat anything unhealthy because I didn't want to lose the good feeling. I felt and still feel lighter and healthier than when I began. 

I also noticed my skin was brighter after the detox which is a plus for someone with blotchy skin. I plan to keep juice from the raw as a part of my healthy lifestyle regime. I will probably do a cleanse monthly until I get to my ideal weight, and then quarterly for maintenance. On a scale of 1-10 I give this detox a 10 for the extremely fresh taste, ability to fill me without feeling groggy and variety. Even though I wasn't a big fan of the root veggies drink or coconut juice, they are very healthy and fresh tasting. 

Peace, Love and Positivity

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  1. I going to look to see if they still have the groupon. I need to lose these last 10 pounds quick #TeamDoYouBo

    1. If you don't see the groupon the website has a sale. Also, the product is available on Amazon. Having a prime membership won't get you free shipping but you can find it discounted.

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