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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

B.L.I.S.S. Girl Beauty....My favorite things

So I wanted to share with you  a list of some of my favorite BLISSalistic beauty finds. As stated before I love being beat, but trust and believe that beat is usually on a budget, so here is the beginning of the beauty finds I will share with you.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W8.  Walmart-$8.99
This hands down is my favorite drug store foundation, I will go as far as to say this is my I can't live without you foundation and yes I wear it all the time, and I mean all. the. time, and I wear foundation 6 days a week ( Yes, I must be beat for work!) It is medium coverage and definitely buildable  and it will conceal the blotches and splotches you may need to hide, and honestly has yet to let me down, Set you face first with a good primer and setting spray/powder it will last all day. Want an old faithful, pick up this. You'll thank me.

Milani Bella eye shadows CVS-$4.49 each

So before I go on gushing about this product, let me tell you. I think Milani is one of the most underrated makeup brands around. Most people past in the drug store and go straight to the Covergirl or Revlon. Nope not me, I try..... Evrythang!
These eye shadows are so pigmented and go on sooooooooo smooth and has no to little fall out.

Look at those swatches.Ugh, Doesn't it make you sick?!?!?!...$4.49.....Love it!!!! I can just go on and on and on! Love them!!!!!!! Look at the full spread, for the total price of three M.A.C.shadows,you could have alllllll of them.

Bella Cobalt and Bella Pink

Essence Lash Princess- $4.99 Ulta

So I got this mascara in my Ipsy bag and I'm like Essence, I've seen it in Ulta, I have there nail polish quick dry drops( another really good buy!) so I'll give this a chance. Plus the packaging is just so darn cute, I couldn't resist. My lashes are super plumped and elongated, it almost looks like I have false lashes for $4.99. Like dopeness on a stick, literally, and the price tag. Girl, go to Ulta.  While I can't be responsible for everything else you pick up there but this.....worth every penny!!!!!!

E.L.F Makeup Lock and Seal $3.99 Target
I got this originally heard about this product as I was looking for something to  adhere my glitter for my eyes for NYE two years ago and 3 bottles later (of course to keep replenishing my stock)....yea so I've seen the light and I've  realized it's wonderful multiple purposed wondery. 1. If you have large lips like mine, you are bound to get lipstick on your chin, a few swipes with it's companion brush, and yup no red lipstick on your chin.2. Got heavy lids oe forgot your primer for your eye shadow, yup keeps it put (just go light or it will lift your shade). 3. Back to it's original purchase reason it's great at adhering glitter!

Royal Care Contour and Highlight Black Kabuki Set $17.02 + Shipping

Let me just say one thing, I don't have tons of  experience with is high end brushes, I have a few Sedona Lace Brushes, that I use to highlight and contour, but these work just as great if not better. I love these brushes and the fact that these have gone up in price since I've purchased them, shows that I'm not alone, but 5 face brushes that don't shed all over your face for under $20.00?!?! Sign me up! I bought these for Amira too and SHE LOVES them. So yes I have had no to very little shedding in these densely packed, super soft brushes and I've had these for almost 2 years and they still feel the same. Although on a daily basis,  I alternate between this foundation brush and my real techniques foundation brush, but desert island pick, I'm grabbing my Royal Care! If you don't believe me, check reviews on them on YouTube, never found one bad one.

So my fellow BLISSers, that my favorite picks for now! Try any of these picks before, tell me what you think about them? Anything you are hesitating trying and wanna know if I've tried it and my thought? Just add a comments below.

Toodles Darlings,

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