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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Color inspiration

So I a few months back I went to a Natural Hair show hosted by Kim Coles, from Living Single,other than it being an awesome event, I met a lot of really dope vendors. One of the vendors, Simply Neftah, based out of Wilingboro, NJ talked to me a lot about color and how it impact not only our inner feelings,but the energy that we put out to the world. She gave me this chart and asked me to really evaluate how I  feel when I wear certain colors  and how people interact with me.

So I've personally have  been using it a lot especially when  I want to reflect a certain mood and vibe. Everyone who knows me, knows that my color is pink. When she explained that pink means love and affection, it completely made sense! I'm an extreme hopeless romantic, but I wonder what it may say to people who around me or to those I haven't met yet. While love is not  bad thing, at all, but I found myself wondering since it projects "Universal love" does it say come one, come all? Is all the love on constant display, in my pink arsenal of clothing, removing my power from my serious side at work? So as I share this color chart think about what your go  to color may project both for the positive and the negative:

  • Red- Stimulates mentally and physically. Its the 'sacred' life energy of vitality that warms and energizes the body. Stirs passion,courage and self confidence. Warning: avoid wearing if suffering from hypertension, seizure, and anxiety.
  • Blue- calming effect on body. Lowers blood pressure and heart rate.  Both blind and sighted respond the same way as do babies. Kemetic sense of feminine energy and spirituality. Positive effect on pain.
  • Yellow-Stimulates memory. It's the color of happiness,peace and intellectuality. In Egypt it signifies the divine owner and enlightenment. Strengthens nerves and lymphatic system. Considered sacred color in many eastern cultures.
  • Orange-Physical realm, stimulates appetite and reduces fatigue. Emotional realm, flamboyant and fun loving energy. Good for depression and brings out JOY!
  • Pink- Nothing effect on  body, tranquil effect on violent and anxious people. Synonymous with love and affection void of passion. Universal Love.
  • Black- Signifies the suppression of secret desires and hidden depths. For many black is a power color. In some African traditions,  it is the color of death,illnesses,  and mourning. Warning: Black absorbs energy, so be mindful where you wear it. 
  • White: Mixture of seven different colors hence it symbolizes a little bit of the quality of each color. Due to the ability to reflect to reflect colors back, considered color of sacredness and purity. In ancient Native and African traditions, it is the color of life and the universal cosmic energy, but is also a color of mourning in the East and often worn at funerals and other spiritual occasions as symbol of peace and all we have experienced. White reflects light and energy.
  • Grey: Color of compromise. Often worn by those who turn away from excitement and worldly things. Symbol of renunciation and suppression. Discipline. Dedication.
  • Brown: Conservative and earthy. Grounding
  • Purple family: Color of royalty and flamboyancy. Though deal with Spiritual self, "Heavy" color requiring powerful personality. Worn in both spiritual and ceremonial occasions. Vanity. Meditative color, balance emotions, sooth muscle, and calms nerves.
  • Green: Abundance, fertility, new life, creativity, prosperity, peace, and harmony
  • Turquoise: Helps strengthen concentration, communication, and emotional control

Look at the colors we've chosen for our own logo, when we sat and talked Amira sent me many images with pink and turquoise, and I wanted the black silhouette. We wanted to inspire and show women growth. Black is a power color and we all have power.  Pink because we truly love our sisters and turquoise because we wanted this to be a forum of communication between us.

So look at your closet, think at what you wear day in and day out. What are you projecting? Are you a grey girl who could use a little purple. Or are you constantly in red and might need a little blue or a splash of turquoise.

What do you think about the color projections? Let us know on the comments below?

Toodles Darlings,


  1. I have three color loves: black, red and lime-green.what does the lime green mean?

    1. According to another color chart I found. Lime green represents youthful,positive and fresh.

  2. Nice! Blues are starting to become my favorite hues but I am also drawn to corals, pinks, and reds! Thanks for sharing!