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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Year of no Fear

              A few days ago I started following "Shonda Rhimes," on social media, and suddenly I've become intrigued with her life and stories. I recently learned that she had publish a book titled, "Year of Yes", a synopsis of her year long journey of saying "yes," when she rather say "no.  I bought the book and immediately after reading a few pages I began to smile, because I could relate in so many ways to the words in her book. It correlated with a challenge that my friends and I had taken in July 2015. We were going to stomp fear into the ground, and not let it deter our objectives.  The only thing to fear was fear itself. The idea came to us during brunch, and in true brunch fashion, drinking our mimosas we began talking about our lives, and reflecting on our growth. "Year of no fear," is as simple as it sounds, for a year we challenged ourselves to step outside of our box, live fearlessly and hold each other accountable if we let fear defeat us from our objectives.

It's been a little challenging starting the "Year of no fear," or documenting my progress like I should. In my heart I feel that my sudden infatuation with Ms. Rhimes, and her book reminded me of my own challenges. There were a few things that I had to bite the bullet on and just say "Yes!" to (buying a home, being vulnerably in love), but there are still some things, I need to still step up and step out on. The release of her book is also a reminder, that I need to continue living with no fear.  I've only gotten through the first few chapters, but from seeing the recent changes in her life (i.e.  Her 107 lbs in weight loss!), I am certain that her year has worked. 

Living with no fear has been a challenge, and it's easy to talk yourself out of saying "Yes!" you can rationalize with the truth, but it really is fear, and not you being pre cautious or firm on a position. It's easy to convince yourself, that you are not good enough,  or you have doubt in your own abilities, but the premise that even if you do try, there is an underlying possibility that you may still fail or fall short of your objective.  This then becomes your crutch, your safety blanket to make an excuse of why you can't or wont succeed.  It's taking one less bruise to your ego, but I'll tell you fear can take many different forms. Fear can be disguised as the cute baby you just had, so that you don't have extra time, for friends or date night with hubby.  That new home you just bought,  made you broke so you don't have no extra money to go bowling or go to the movies with the girls.  Fear can be the last three times you tried to date and that didn't work, or the whole month you spent working out and didn't lose a pound.  Fear can be cute, cuddly and comfy, or real ugly, mean and nasty.  Fear has more costumes than Halloween, but at the end of the day fear is fear. 

We all know the adage that nothing great comes from living in fear.  Nike created the "Just do it," branding campaign in 1988, and In 1989, Mark Simo, Brian Simo, and Marty Moates created the clothing brand "NoFear".  The simple idea of living with no fear, and the saying just do it have been around way longer than those campaigns, and clothing lines.  Those marketing slogans were just an idea. The idea that if we live with no fear, and just do it we can achieve greatness, and with this post, I am reaffirming myself to the challenge of living fearlessly.  I am going to apply for a job, that fear had previously kept me from applying for,  and I am going to recommit myself to completing my book.  I am going to say "Yes," to opportunities that come my way, and step outside of my comfort zone.  In the next 8 months, I will stare fear in it's face and I won't back down.  I will update the blog once a month on my year of no fear and I encourage you all to share your journey.  Jaci and I, are both participating in this challenge, so feel free to ask us both questions, and or hold us accountable for our actions of fear.  If you're interested in doing your own year of no fear and need an accountability partner, email us at

Love and Light,

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