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Monday, November 9, 2015

Makeup Monday!!!!!!! Ben Nye Final Seal vs Skindinavia

Hello everyone welcome to another installation of Makeup Monday!
Today for you we have a brief review and battle of the makeup finishing sprays.
I have to warn you this is not my usual cheap  frugalista product reviews as these items are a bit pricier but they last and last, so I think  it's worth the splurge.

So Ben Nye Final Seal.....
As you may recall in one of our earlier instagram posts, I did an 8 hour trial/ review of it as one of my favorite vloggers, Jackie Ania, raved about it ability to reduce and almost eliminate transfer. So I sucked it up and  said if it saves my white blouses and my hands from scrubbing foundation out of collars, it's worth the coins.

Ben Nye Final Seal retails for $23.00 for 8oz bottle on

Change Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer 8 oz

One of the things I love the most about this product is that when you let it dry it almost completely prevents transfers of your makeup, so even if you haven't set with a powder, your makeup isn't budging at all!!! It also gives you a gorgeous dewy glow which I love. My only warning to you, is that this stuff burns, if you have open pores or you have a few ingrown hairs on your face, it will burn. It last for 5 secs, but it's really shocking at first. Also if you spray too much it gets really sticky, so go easy, tiger. I usually only use this for going out, but the 8 oz bottle has last me at least 5 months now and I'm only done 1/4 of the bottle.
  My face with Final Seal.

Skindinavia  currently retails for $29.00 for 4 oz at
(I believe I got mine on sale for $23.00 when I purchased it though)

Makeup Finishing Spray Oil Control
So I got on the Skindinavia bandwagon when I saw a few of my favorite vloggers and instagram MUAs  posting all about it. The reviews were amazing and although for a make up spray, its usually out of my price range, I thought it might help reduce transfer without the burn and stickiness of the Final Seal so I felt to try it, blame it on the art of makeup. Just a tidbit, the makers of this brand also make the urban decay primer and setting sprays. Everyone knows how I feel about urban decay. LOVE THEM, anywhoo.

I purchased the finishing spray for $23.00 on sale and with it I got two additional samples one of the primer spray and another one of the finishing spray. I shrugged I didn't really understand the whole priming spray thing, but conceded it  that would be nice for when I travel and give me a chance to try the system out together. So I tried the system and they worked decent together, it gave me a nice little shine. I find that to make this really work well it require a cream primer in between to get the bang out of it. The dewy finish though holds all day and your skin looks like you walk around with someone sprizzing water on your face all day, but it doesn't prevent transfer at all.
 My silly face with the Skindinivia primer spray, Hard Candy 12 hour primer, and the Skindinivia finishing spray. 

 Final Vote:
 The best bang for your buck of course is Ben Nye final seal! You get 4 oz more product for the same money, it prevents transfer, which is most important to me, and I can suck up the burn to reduce the embarrassing makeup neck.

Let me know your thoughts? Or if you would like me to review other sprays. 

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