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Thursday, August 27, 2015

B.L.I.S.S. Beauty....All about Brows

Eyebrows have taken a major front seat in the beauty area with a multitude of products to groom, style, and primp. There are even specialty bars in popular cosmetic stores devoted to them. So it's no secret that it could be overwhelming and expensive mission to have the perfect face framing brows.

So here are my 3 brow products that do not break the bank, but keep your eyebrows looking lovely.

So before I go on with my picks, I do want to give the forewarning: I do like the natural look for my eyebrows not really into the Nike sign or super thick Cara Delevinge look for me, it's nice on her but my big hair plus big brows...ehhh I'll pass. I made sure to include my brows undone as I do naturally have some sparse spaces in my brows but I have an unfortunate fortune of having a unibrow that causes me to have a twice a month standing visit to the threading salon.
Forgive me for my pictures I've used as I have no other makeup then the eyebrow products that I'm demonstrating and they're very upclose and personal so you can see my brow magic. 
Au Natural brows

BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Gel in Dark Brows $5.00
With Brow Gel

 This brow gel goes on smooth and leaves a nice shine, I love the fact that it has a built in spooly to apply the product to your brows while taming stray hairs and smoothing as they define your brows. It literally combines the normal steps that I would use to define my eyebrows The gel also goes on smooth, not pasty and last all day. Removing the need for a separate color and clear gel step. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo 
$8.99 at CVS
So this was new product at CVS and I definitely wanted to try, it had the classic eyebrow pencil end, but added in a powder to set your eyebrows. This product was pretty simple to use and while I was afraid of the powder making my brows looking a little chalky or like I got my makeup caught in them, in a bad way, I was surprisingly pleased with the outcome. 

With Maybelline
Nyx Brow Cake Powder
CVS $5.00
Okay with this product, I was a bit confused, it didn't come with instructions so any newby to the eyebrow powder game would be reluctant to try it out. Is it me or by the looks of it is it not intuitive at all?!?!?! What about the cute little brushes, what the heck? So here goes the powder are to fill in the sparse spaces in your brow with that little spooly and the gel is to set the powder with the angle brush ! After playing with it a bit, I finally got it (I'm totally a gel or pencil girl, but this wasn't that bad), but in a pinch I wouldn't recommend it, it took way too much work to remember the steps and when I can have one step and do it all why would I want to do both?!?!?!?!

With the NYX powder duo

The Rules for What to Use:
What product should I use?

Brow powders I would definetly only recommend using if I had full brows and just wanted to make them look neater. Stay away if your skin tends to be drier it make me them look ashy, but the gel is a great touch to adding back the sheen.

Pencils are an oldy but goody, but I would recommend this for my sparse brow girl, but remember use feather strokes or risk looking like you have keyboard symbols on your face. Never USE BLACK! It just doesn't look natural, for my darker skin girls, a dark brown is dark enough!

Gels are for you dramatic brow girls who love a thick and luscious brow to wake up your face. I usually use gels right before threading time because it hides most of my eyebrows stray hair and grow out spots . Don't press to hard or you might have the "#Ijustdrewmyeyebrowsonwithamagicmarker" look. Not hot!

Well I hope you liked my brow review! And let me know in the comments below, what are your favorite brow products? Do you like a thick brow or thin? What other products would you like for me to review!

Toodles Darlings,

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