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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Natural Glide Lubricant by VNatural Review

     When it comes to my VaJayJay, I am very particular and I don't play with the products I use. My rule of thumb is, don't put anything in your VaJayJay that you wouldn't put in your mouth. My rule of thumb helps me keep my ph balance right, and a happy VaJayJay is a happy Amira :).With this being said, when it comes to sex it's been hard finding a natural product I felt comfortable using as a lubricant.

     For the past few months, I had been searching for a product I felt comfortable using. I asked my mother who usually knows everything, and she had no answer. In fact she asked me to get her some if I found it! Then finally thanks to Instagram I came across @Kimi_Levadge and her page Kimi LeVadge has created a wonderful product called VNatural made of all food based products, that a basic human being can pronounce. There are only four ingredients (I love products with under five ingredients), and its edible! Meaning I can put it in my VaJayJay and my mouth (cause it be like that sometimes).

     The four ingredients are water, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum and citric acid (a natural preservative). Refrigeration is recommended, but the citric acid is a preservative so its optional. I researched (via google) all of the ingredients, and they are all products you can purchase and feel comfortable using. The products are easy to pronounce and there aren't many, which made me feel very safe.

     Now to the nitty gritty, when being used this product feels great. I tried it warm (before I refrigerated it), and cold (after refrigeration) and it was great both ways. Its very thin and has a very minimal stick to it. A little goes a long way and one bottle will last you a while depending on your frequency of use. It smells good (I have a thing for smells) and yes it tastes good! I was hesitant to taste it since I've never tasted a lubricant before, but if I want to stay true to my rule I had to. It tastes almost like a melted icicle (clearly I tasted it cold), its slightly sweet in a refreshing way and pretty tasty.

     After tasting VNatural, there was no bad after taste or sick feeling whatsoever. Also, the fact that its edible and tasty makes it a must have for a mix of oral and vaginal play! After trying this product I am sold, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural, healthy and edible addition to their sex life. The product is great for use with toys if your a solo star, or with your partner. My VaJayJay was more than happy after using it, and its now a part of my supply.

I would also encourage you to check out for all of your bedroom supplies, because they carry a lot more than just lubricant! With your purchase you also get a pretty clever sexual fact and coupon off natural condoms! I think I've found my new go to for my bedroom supplies, head on over to and check them out for yourself, ooh and tell them I sent you!

Love, Light and Peace!


  1. Thanks for the tip, I don't usually look for a lubricant, but I will keep the website in mind in case I want to explore the other options 😏

  2. My vag thanks you in advance 😊

  3. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! We worked really hard to perfect this product, so this makes me smile!