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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hennypalooza 2015

This year for the first time, I attended hennypalooza at The Well in Brooklyn. The event advertises all you can drink Hennessy, and all you can eat chicken as long as supplies last. Knowing this, we attempted to arrive as close to on time as possible. We arrived at 1:58pm with the event starting at 2:00pm and we were able to get on line at this point. Within minutes the line was wrapped around the corner behind me. 
While in line I snapped a few photos. Anything you read about the event will let you know the importance of comfort and functionality. There's no need to wear heels, there are steep stairs to get into and out of the venue and your up and about for 8hours! The time will fly before you know it, so dress confortably, casually, classy and cute. It's a chill environment, not a fashion show. Long pants, jeans, and maxi skirts were the choice du jour of the ladies. I highly recommend closed toe flats or sneakers, after 8 hours of hennessey you may find your feet getting stepped on. You may also find yourself behind a shed to use the bathroom, but I'll get to that later. 
Naturals were out and about in abundance, dressing cute and casually. 
For those that wanted a different type of look, a cute fro pinned up and long pants with flats will do. 
For the divas in dresses, a cute pair of sneakers or flats were sufficient. Cute ankle boots were definitely in abundance along with nice crossbodys and shades. 
At the end of the day, your fashion is your own. It's important to express your style, but at hennypalooza be cute yet comfy. 

Now anyone who knows me, knows I love to roll deep 
If you can ladies roll with a crew. It's a decent size venue and people are going to end up doing their own thing. There's power in numbers, so if someone needs a bathroom buddy they've got it. If someone wants to dance then you ain't gotta sit around with mcgrumpy, and most of all yall can hold down a table   Tables are like gold, there are plenty but they go quickly. 
Once your finally in and you and the crew get a table, you get to look around at how dope the venue is. There's artwork on all the walls, it's open and spacious with an inside bar and it's very visually pleasing. Logistically there's one set of bathrooms with about ten stalls for women separated by a wall with ten stalls for men. The sinks and mirrors are shared and the ladies line is waaaay longer. Ladies, if you even begin to feel the urge to pee, get in line because it gets real. By 6pm bouncers had to police the bathroom, because of the arguments of why home girl was taking so long. No fights broke out, but the ladies side definitely became hostile. Outside of the bathroom everyone was very, very chill. There was no real drama whatsoever, and if there was security did a great job tackling it. 

As far as the food goes, there was no free chicken I could find (I would've found free chicken). There was a food truck, with a few good options. 
Bring cash if you plan to eat or drink, there are no cards accepted anywhere. The hennessey itself is free, but tips are appreciated and if you stick with one bartender and tip well, they will look you out. The Hennessy does run out, but it lasted well into 8pm, and after there was still beer available for purchase. 
Every time I went to the bar, I grabbed two so that I wouldn't have to keep going and could chill back and enjoy myself. 

Overall I give this event a 9/10. I had mini reunions( Rutgers and Blue and White were in abundance), everyone was pretty chill and I made new friends and connections. Food options were good and healthy enough for me to get over the absence of free chicken. The venue was very spacious and visually pleasing. I was able to party from 2pm-10pm and not complain once, nobody in my crew of 6 wanted to leave early (that's a first).

 The only drawbacks were the lack of bathroom options for ladies. I would like to see Porto pottys or something, after a certain point ladies had to go thru some ladders and equipment, behind a shed to pop a squat in public. My whole crew including myself ended up doing it as well, the line to the bathroom was just that real. The music was great, but it could've been a little louder. I liked the volume personally, but that was the only other complaint I heard from people. I think the volume was good if you wanted to actually talk to people, but I've been called an old lady. 

At the end of the night, we found ourselves grooving to mack wilds, only to look up and see him singing the hook "hennessey, henbessey, you gon remember me, remember me", and that was pretty dope. 

To sum it up, dress cute and comfy, roll deep, arrive in time, and pace yourself. I don't believe in taking pictures of strangers in dispose, but some people definitely didn't know how to handle free Hennessy. Don't be the reason everyone has to leave hennypalooza early, nobody wants to leave early. The event costs about $60.00, and ppl were passing out around 3pm. Don't pregame! There's enough free Hennessy there, if anything make sure you load up on liquids and carbs. 

Oh and just in case you can't tell, I'll definitely be there again. It was one of the best events I've been to in the city.

Love, peace and positivity! 


  1. The artwork is cool, I must definitely try it the next go round.

  2. @Ms_Naturallyme the venue is very visually pleasing!